Business Broadband Internet

Guaranteed Speed, Low Latency!

Business Broadband (Promo)

Available in
OMNIconnect Fibre and Wireless On-Net Areas (Zone 1)
A promotional discount of 10% has been applied to this plan.
After the agreement term has completed, a month-to-month service will continue (without any promotional discounts) until a disconnection request is received in writing or a request for further term of service.
Suitable for Office Links only - i.e no Data centres etc.
Any additional costs excluded e.g. Civil Works Lead-in, Fee for Service have not been included in this quote and will be determined at time of order.
More Details
If you have not yet confirmed coverage in your area, please contact us on 1300 662 457 before placing your order.
Setup includes installing up to a 6m mast if required for wireless services. Additional charges may apply if additional height is required.
Please allow 10-20 working days for provisioning after first payment is made.
Please see more details about Business Broadband on our Business Broadband page and our Terms and Conditions.

  • Business Broadband
      Internet Service
    • Included Data
    • Static
    • IP Address
    • As selected in Setup Option.
    • Term
    • Guaranteed Peak Information Rate (PIR)
    Service Class
  • Guaranteed to achieve the specified speed. Speed Guarantee
  • 99.95% SLA